Warranty & Repair Policy

Warranty & Repair Policy

1. All electronics, musical instruments and home appliances purchased on fnac.qa are covered under a limited original manufacturer warranty.

2. All of the above mentioned products are guaranteed to be original from the brand distributor or the manufacturer’s warehouse.

3. The warranty begins on the day that you receive the item(s) and lasts as per the brand’s terms and conditions (mentioned on the attached warranty or product box).

4. Item(s) purchased on fnac.qa can be taken to any FNAC Qatar store for after sales service/repair. Our team will facilitate your query as per the manufacturer’s warranty terms.

5. In case the product is defected upon delivery, the after sales team will decide whether the product should be replaced or repaired.

6. Repairs are not accepted under the following conditions:

  • The defect is due to improper use (misuse, improper voltage, exposure to liquid, abuse, etc…).
  • The serial number on the product is unknown.
  • The product has been opened and/or repaired by a third party.

FNAC’s management reserves the right to determine all of the above.

Repair Conditions:

1. The warranty is not valid if you do not present a proof of purchase and in case the product was not assembled by a representative from FNAC.

2. The repairing period depends on the assessment of our Service Centre and the availability of spare parts.

3. The item(s) should be dropped to any of FNAC Qatar store.

For more information you can contact our Customer Service team on 44362222.